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Threads in the Sash
By Fred J. Shore
Bug in a Rug
By Elaine Lariviere Chaput
Love you to the Moon
By Shawna Mathison
Le livre de la galette
By Linda Ducharme
Attention Schools,Teachers and Educators, author Don Sawyer whose teaching experiences brings you a new interactive course opportunity. Just Click here for details. Don is also the author of Pemmican's best-selling novel Where the Rivers Meet and creator of the teacher's guide that complements his story with constructive classroom lessons. Also be sure to check out his new novel Running, a great story for any reader.


Visit T.D. Thompson and her website, author to three of Pemmican's young adult novels, Flight of the Wild Geese, Retro Girl, and Rooster. Thompson's webpage will give you more information about the author and any upcoming news.

Author Deborah Delaronde has a webpage filled with online activities that go with her published books. Visit to see these activities that go along with great books such as A Name For A Metis, Little Metis and the Metis Sash, Friendship Bay, Flour Sack Flora, Flour Sack Friends, and Metis Spirits. The activities are for parents and teachers both. Buy the books and take advantage of the extra activities.

Northern Education Services Association
NESA is a group of Canada-based educators and community development experts with skills and experience in a wide variety of education-related fields...

Art Napoleon is a premier aboriginal singer/songwriter, with many Grammy and aboriginal music nominations.  He is on CBC all the time, and has a weekly TV show on a cable station. To learn more about Art Napoleon click here

If you're interested in Skype education, click to find out more.

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