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    Nikik and Wapus
Save the People
By Joe McLellan
    The Blacksmith's Apprentice
By James Robert Chambers

Attention Schools,Teachers and Educators,
author Don Sawyer whose teaching experiences brings you a new interactive course opportunity. Just Click here for details. Don is also the author to Pemmican's best selling novel Where the Rivers Meet and creator of the teacher's guide that compliments his story with constructive classroom lessons. Also be sure to check out his new novel Running, a great story for any reader.


Promoting Metis Authors, Illustrators & Stories

Pemmican Publications is a book publisher with a mandate to promote Metis authors, illustrators and stories. It is a not-for-profit company that operates as an arm’s-length affiliate of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Pemmican publishes on average five to six new titles per year, with titles ranging from cultural studies and autobiographies to illustrated titles for children. In all, we have published close to 150 books.

View or print our newest catalogue in PDF format here. Pemmican has four new additional titles published. They are Nipin and the Rocks, The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Nikik and Wapus Save the People, and Alec's Journey. If you do not have these books in your collection, order your copy today as this year's new books are some of our best to date.

Pemmican Publications will have a new promotional offer each month.

Listen to this review by CBC Radio, MP3 format, about one of Pemmican's best selling novels Where The Rivers Meet written by Don Sawyer. And don't forget to look up Don Sawyer's new book Running. Order your copy today.