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Written by: Guillaume Charette
ISBN: 978-0-919212-95-4


Ecrit par: Iris Loewen
Illustre par: Gloria Miller
Traduction par: Mona Buors
ISBN: 978-1-894717-60-1
K - Grade 4
Hamilton respite care and adult day program


Texte de Joe et MAtrine McLellan

Illustre par Llyod Swampy

Traduction par Mona Buors

ISBN: 978-1-894717-91-5


Written By Joe McLellan et Matrine Therriault
ISBN: 978-1-894717-62-5
Price: $10.95
Written by: Deborah L. Delaronde
Illustrated by: Keiron Flamand
Translated by: Mona Buors
ISBN: 978-1-894717-42-7
Grades 1-6
Roofing contractor in Windsor


Ecrit par: Deborah L. Delaronde
Illustre par: Keiron Flamand
Traduction par: Mona Bours
ISBN: 978-1-894717-41-0
K - Grade 4
Toronto Mortgage


Written By: Desiree Gillespie
ISBN: 978-1-894717-61-8
Price: $10.95